15-SECOND to 20-SECOND Radio Drop

This service gives you the ability to promote yourself via Radio to solicit your material and/or

Social media links [100 Drops Limit] Your Ad will stay in rotation for up to 90 Days 


IDEAL for: New Artist, Mixtape Releases, Album Promotion, Parties, or Event Announcements!! 


This is exclusive deal is for Music Ground Members Only! [Not intended for Commercial Use]

COMMERCIALS VARY for commercials contact us at Admin@musicgroundent.com 

Music Ground Radio Drop (PROMO)

$20.00 Regular Price
$16.00Sale Price
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    These sound samples remain the property of MusicGroundEnt.com and are licensed, not sold, to you for use on your sampling, hard disk, and recording equipment. MusicGroundEnt.com reserves any other rights not expressly granted to you.

    All lending, renting, copying, duplicating, trading or reselling of this product or its contents (also modified contents) is strictly prohibited. You also cannot upload or download this product, or any of the sounds on it, to any database, BBS or server. In effect, any such action is piracy, is therefore illegal, and will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. 

    The right to use enclosed sounds is granted to the original end-user of the product (Licensee) and is NOT transferable - this means you cannot sell any discs second hand and legally you cannot use any sounds from second hand products in productions.

    If you run a commercial studio and offer our sounds to a number of clients, then you are required to have a Multi User License. Contact us for more info. 

    Samples and sounds can be used in any type of music production, for example: making records, remixes, commercials, jingles, commissioned pieces, soundtracks for film, theatre, musicals, computer games and multimedia. You may modify the sounds.

    Samples and sounds can NOT be used for making music or sounds that will be licensed or sold as Library Music, 
    Sound Clips, or other Sampling products.

    Licensor will not be responsible if the contents  of this disc do not fit the particular purpose of the Licensee. The sounds provided are licensed "as is" without warranties of any kind. All rights reserved. Neither the producer, MusicGroundEnt.com, nor anydistributor of MusicGroundEnt.com products can be held responsible for any direct or indirect or consequential loss arising from the use of this 
    product in whatever form


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