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How Do I Purchase Beats?

In order to purchase a full exclusive beat you must visit the store page and purchase the exclusive there. Please provide the name of the instrumental that you want to purchase. The instrumental will be removed from the website. The artist will have full rights to market the material. You will also be provided a contract given full commercial usage/non-resale rights.

Scheduling/ Booking Services

For Booking Services: Visit Booking page on main page with link titled booking. Current booking services are for

*Recording Session w/ professional engineer
*Radio interview w/
listening sessions

Please allow 24-48hrs before response and please book 3 - 5 days in advance.

For other services info visit our rates page

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What does Music Ground Entertainment do for independent artist?

How do I get exclusive rights?

How can I send my demo?

How long does it take to hear back from Music Ground Ent. after submissions?

What if I want to book a recording session?

How much does it cost to mix and master a song?

How much does it cost to master an album?

How much does it cost to mix an entire album using your engineer?

Where can I hear samples of the engineer work?

Are you currently hiring or have any available internship positions?

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Does artist get paid royalties from their music sales?

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suggestions about your song

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If you have your own ISRC, UPC codes, please provide them in your submissions along with links to your personal website or store.

What's needed?


Mixing and/or mastering:

Mixing sessions must be Avid Protools sessions/

WAV format for mastering

Song Submission:

All files must not exceed 320kbps or 4:45 [5:00] Limit

What do I need to send with my track?

For promotion/Marketing singles

- Artist or Band Name

- Name of Album

- Name of Single

- Release Date (optional)

- Music Genre

- Must have copyrights

- Provide Image (optional)

500x500 jpeg

- Social Media links to page (optional)

- ISRC, UPC codes, (optional)

*We do not market songs that are subject to copyright infringement


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Questions about pricing

Music Ground Ent. prices are subject to change. However, we do provide mixing, mastering, and recording services. For booking information visit the main page and click on the button that says booking. Are rates vary depending on the project needs. Please visit the Competitive Pricing page for more details.

Questions About Service

We are currently providing services to promote independent artist. We have developed a system that is designed to submit your music to people who are looking for your specific genre. Our methods is to use accurate information encoded into our system to specifically target end users who listen to your type of music. You will have a chance to share and sell your music through our website. If you want to sell your album you keep 80% of your royalties.

Questions about Navigating

If you are having difficulties navigating through our website or are experiencing technical difficulties or if you have suggestions please contact us at

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